This is my first time trying to make a game. I don't know any coding so I used Construct 2 to build the game, and GIMP 2 to create my pixel art. The buttons don't do anything yet.

Controls: Arrow Keys

  • Left Arrow Key - Move Left
  • Right Arrow Key - Move Right
  • Down Arrow Key - Move Through Clouds
  • Up Arrow Key - Jump

Plans for menu screen:

  • Create walking and jumping animations for player.
  • Create pixel art for clouds that allow them to become darker at night.
  • May add in enemies for fun.
  • Need to fix collision so that the player is not sitting far above solid objects.
  • Possibly add in jump sound effect.
  • Need to fix the footsteps - seems like the built version's footsteps stop when switching between browser tabs.

Credit for audio goes to:



CharlieX - edited by me in Audacity

All from

This is only the menu screen for the game. I will update it as I create levels and other stuff.

Hope you enjoy!